A complete solution – virtualizing resources for secure, frictionless workflow.

From private communications to group collaborations to amplifying resources, Yellist keeps your company safe with a hassle free, high security business platform. - Secure Communications
Secure Communications

Private messaging and email is hosted by Yellist as a standalone service - meaning no one is reading your communications – with state-of-the-art, real-time threat protection. - Dynamic File Sharing
Dynamic File Sharing

Patented security and flexibility empowers users with permission controls like no other - from private group collaboration to large ecosystems, both inside and outside your organization. - Brand Amplification
Brand Amplification

Social tools to empower your team – and the public – to spread your brand messaging; while our public facing publishing platform allows you to draw your customers and partners into a deeper discussion. - Simple and Responsible
Simple and Responsible

User Experience (UX) leverages familiar social features, allowing users to administrate their own connections, communications and content, for more accurate reporting, without IT bottlenecks.

Is Yellist for me?

Yellist customers have a unique need - they understand how modern tools expose Personally Identifying Information (PII) -- and share behaviors and preferences across applications.

Our users seek to secure their workflow from traditional attacks, such as hackers and ransomware, as well as, the “prying eyes” that effect our advertising and social media viability.

If you have ever asked, “Is there any tool on the web that isn’t analyzing and selling my company information?” - you’re ready for Yellist.

At Yellist, we believe your company doesn’t need to sacrifice security for convenience, so we built our business features with your company’s privacy in mind.

  • Unique, patented platform is architected for the most secure IP
  • The only cloud-based, social business platform that does not mine your data
  • In-house storage means your content does not sit on a public cloud
  • Uses best-of-breed industry security practices, including: two-factor authentication, advanced firewall implementation and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).